The SAM Macro Adjustment System began with an iPhone, an Olloclip lens and a series of tripods. After many frustrating failures trying to focus on minute subjects, endless attempts to adapt existing products and an evolving series of prototypes, SAM is finally ready for production.

Is Barbie the story or is it the building?
Barbie in focus.

Focus changing the story:

Is Barbie being watched, or is she the watcher?  Go with the glass half full puppy version or the dog's half empty view?

Two dogs, alternate focus using the SAM Macro Adjustment System

This animation 

shows the SAM system at work.

As the wing nut turns, the phone, held  by the SAM Mount to the Adjuster, moves relative to the subject, changing the focal point. 

See the difference a subtle change makes in these examples. 


The Journey:

A year or so into this process, most of the SAM design work was done and headed to the prototype stage. Then, life intervened in the form of a Wisconsin winter.  Walking down the driveway to bring in the trash bins, I hit some black ice, fell down and hit my head.

A few days later, I was having headaches and completely lost the ability to focus close up. (Ironic, don’t you think?) 


Turns out, I had a concussion that sidelined things for about 6 months, requiring Dr. visits, tests, and physical therapy in the form of some pretty interesting eye exercises. 


Now, thanks to the medical rock stars at UW, all is well and SAM is back on track.  Time to Focus Up!

Macro Adjustment System
A new photographic system for mobile photography.